BHUTAN – Bhutan is famously known as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon.” To be more precise, it’s a land of tranquility and serenity, where you’ll witness nature in its purest form. So, why not consider camping when we talk about Bhutan?

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Camping provides a profound insight into the vibrancy of Bhutan’s landscape. It allows you to live among the local people and fellow travelers, savor simple yet delicious local dishes, and experience an alternative way of life.

Camping in Bhutan is undoubtedly the best way to connect with Mother Nature and immerse yourself in the richness of the natural world here.

Camping Locations in Bhutan

There are several remote villages in Bhutan where you can camp with friends, family, or even alone. These areas are mostly untouched by infrastructure development, allowing you to experience the true essence of camping in Bhutan.


Punakha, a small town in western Bhutan, offers a dreamlike camping experience along the banks of the Mo Chhu River. The golden sand and rippling river create a breathtaking backdrop.

There are small facilities along the river where you can spend time with the local people. You can also visit Punakha Dzong in the evening and admire Bhutan’s perfect architecture.

Best Time to Camp: Between September and April.


A small village in western Bhutan, Gangtey is one of the most peaceful camping spots. It’s small and secluded, offering fantastic views of the valley and mountains. The village has a few houses and is easy to explore on foot.

Camping here is exciting and exhilarating. The joy of seeing Gogona Lhakhang and meeting the locals is beyond words.

Best Time to Camp: Spring and autumn since the area can get surprisingly cold in winter.


In the eastern part of Bhutan, Lhuentse is a paradise on earth and an ideal camping location. Famous for the Kishuthara weaving, you’ll witness women sitting in rows weaving intricate patterns.

You can always visit them and see how they create beautiful silk fabrics with their skilled hands. You can camp along the Kuri Chhu river, feeling the gentle breeze on your face.

Best Time to Camp: Spring or autumn.


Tingtibi, a picturesque village in southern Bhutan, is surrounded by lush forests. On a clear and pleasant day, you can spot various native wildlife species. It’s a model camping spot, and the best place to set up camp here is along the Mangdechu River.

Best Time to Camp: The best time is during winter, from November to March.


Limukha is a bustling small village in western Bhutan, vibrant with fresh greenery. It envelops you in the arms of nature, making it a favorite camping spot.

The beautiful scenery and picturesque surroundings soothe your mind and calm your nerves.

Best Time to Camp: The beauty of this area is that you can camp here at any time of the year (try to avoid windy months if you dislike mud).


Adding to Bhutan’s charm, Gongphu is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Bhutan. It provides campers with an iconic view of the surrounding environment, offering a camping experience like no other.

Best Time to Camp: Early winter, from October to December.


Located in western Bhutan, Khotokha is a reasonably well-known camping spot due to its flat terrain. While it was proposed for an airport, Khotokha remains far from industrialization.

There are several Bhutanese temples and monasteries to visit in the afternoon. Once you’re here, make sure to visit one of the sawmills in the area, a common sight in this small village.

Best Time to Camp: Early summer and autumn, avoiding winter and the windy season.

Prominent Camping Organizers in Bhutan

Unfortunately, you cannot camp freely or without proper guidance in Bhutan. Therefore, you must plan your camping through one of the many licensed Bhutanese agencies providing camping services.

Some of the most popular camping service providers are Raven Tours and Treks, Bhutan Swallowtail Tours, Bhutan Best Travel, World Tour Plan, Authentic Bhutan Tours, Access Bhutan, Bhutan Travel Adventures, Bhutan Mountain Holiday, AB Travel, Sacred Himalaya Travel, Bhutan Dragon Adventures, and Adventure Planet Travels.

You can also contact several other companies that offer camping tours for tourists.

Guidelines – What to Consider Before Camping in Bhutan

While camping in Bhutan is a marvelous and enticing experience, there are certain rules you must follow:

  1. You can only camp in Bhutan through a licensed Bhutanese agency. Personal camping is strictly prohibited.
  2. Littering is not allowed while camping. The Bhutanese government is very strict about environmental conservation.
  3. Mockery of any property is prohibited.
  4. Ensure that the local flora and fauna remain undamaged in any way.

Tips & Camping Essentials

Here are some tips to make your camping experience in Bhutan more enjoyable:

  1. If you have any prescription medication, remember to bring the prescription and your doctor’s prescribed medicines. Camping locations are primarily in remote areas, so you may face difficulties without the appropriate medications.
  2. Keep warm and wear woolen clothing when camping in winter because Bhutan can get very cold at night.
  3. Bring mosquito repellent with you.
  4. Make sure you have enough food and drinks stocked.

Traveling is the best way to enrich your soul. But camping in Bhutan while traveling makes it even more enriching and fulfilling. Bhutan is calling you! What are you waiting for?

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