SINGAPORE – Travelers can design their own perfumes, notebooks, pottery… or choose personalized handicrafts to express their feelings for loved ones and friends during Christmas.

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The festive atmosphere of Christmas is spreading throughout the streets of the Lion City. If you are planning a trip to Singapore, take the opportunity to shop for unique handmade items from local artisans as gifts for your friends and family. Or if you want to convey a heartfelt message, join in the process of creating a one-of-a-kind gift, leaving a personal touch by engraving names or symbols. In addition, there are also locally made handicrafts and Christmas-themed products from luxury brands that you can consider choosing. Photo: Timeout.

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Oo La Lab – unique handmade fragrances like no other.

The first choice for those with an artistic soul, a love for scents, and a desire for unique blends of fragrances. Ooh La Lab specializes in hosting perfume-making workshops, allowing participants to create their own personalized scents. Located at Delta House, Alexandra Rd, #02-04 2, the store is open daily from 11am to 6pm. Photo: Discover SG.

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In just 60 minutes, you will be introduced to 27 distinct scents, including two signature scents exclusive to the Singapore store. A master perfumer will guide you in identifying the top, middle, and base notes. Participants must pay close attention, be careful, and precise when blending to achieve their desired fragrance. Each finished bottle holds 20ml. If desired, you can have a label and custom recipe card attached by the expert to reorder your scent right away. This makes for a perfect gift for those seeking a personalized present, expressing deep care for the recipient. Photo: Oo La Lab.

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Bynd Artisan – personalized artisanal art.

Experience a workshop like no other for art enthusiasts, craft lovers, and those seeking unique Christmas gifts in Singapore – Bynd Artisan. Founded by James Quan and Winnie Chan, this shop is located in the oldest bookbinding workshop on the island, dating back to the 1940s. The brand offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity through personalized paper and leather products. Visitors can browse and purchase these items at the Bynd Artisan Holland Village store, located at 44 Jalan Merah Saga, open daily from 10am to 8pm. Photo: Bynd Artisan.

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With a history spanning over 70 years, Bynd Artisan has evolved alongside the advancements in bookbinding and the creativity of dedicated artisans. In addition to providing personalized stationery, it has also successfully built a community of talented local craftsmen and artists such as Erwin Lian and Larry Peh, who create unique products and creative experiences. Whether it’s a beautifully crafted notebook or a custom-designed leather piece, Bynd Artisan’s products embody the diverse artistic heritage of Singapore.

One of the popular activities organized by Bynd Artisan is the Leather Painting Workshop. Visitors can participate and learn the art of leather crafting, transforming them into personalized Christmas gifts that are perfect for loved ones or as a treat for oneself during the upcoming festive season. Photo: Atome.

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Supermama – creating ceramic masterpieces on your own.

Supermama is one of the most unique handmade gift shopping destinations in the Lion City. Their products are infused with the cultural influences of both Singapore and Japan. Edwin, the founder of the brand, developed a love for Japanese handicrafts during a visit to a paper-making workshop in Kyoto back in 2005. From there, he and his wife Mei Ling gradually turned their dream of opening a design store specializing in traditional handmade art pieces, showcasing the rich heritage of both Singapore and Japan, into a reality. Supermama not only sells handcrafted pottery, but also serves as a testament to the couple’s journey of dedication and passion. Photo: ISE SMU.

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All the items at Supermama are created by designers from Singapore and Japan, ranging from porcelain dishes to colorful socks. These pieces have transformed the store into an ideal destination for exploring culture, finding inspiration, and purchasing unique gifts that embody the essence of the island nation.

In addition to the products they offer, visitors can also create their own personalized ceramic pieces at the Supermama Bento Workshop. The store provides Bento Porcelain Kits and decal stickers for you to unleash your creativity and design your very own one-of-a-kind pottery. The store is open from 11am to 6pm every day (except Sundays) at 93 Stamford Rd. Photo: Straits Time.

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GINLEE Studio – Sustainable Fashion Innovation.

GINLEE Studio is a renowned brand known for its elegant fashion pieces made from unique pleated fabrics. All of their designs are inspired by nature and everyday objects, with sizes and styles that flatter all body types.

In addition to their distinctive design style, GINLEE Studio also impresses with their sustainable initiatives. The brand encourages customers to join them on their journey towards eco-friendly fashion, which has been a prominent trend in Singapore in recent years.

One of their initiatives, Make O, focuses on creating simple yet practical products that cater to individual needs and preferences. This allows customers to have a better understanding of the product and avoid unnecessary waste of resources.

At the heart of Make O is the cOts experience, where customers can personalize their own products according to their preferences. Starting with a basic solid-colored bag, you can customize it with different folds, colors, straps, and various types of studs to create your own unique bag.

You can experience this fun activity at GINLEE Studio’s store at Raffles City Shopping Center (252 North Bridge Rd, #02-08B; open daily from 10am-9pm) or at their studio at National Design Centre (111 Middle Rd, #03-05). The available bag sizes include wallets, tote bags, clutches… with a variety of styles and colors. Photo: Urban Creature

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But that’s not all, the Tee-tO-Bag experience, another initiative under Make O, provides an opportunity for participants to upcycle old t-shirts into a stylish and practical bag. GINLEE Studio also organizes Make cOts workshops for those interested in and passionate about the art of pleating. The workshop will help you understand the basic principles of this art form and guide you in designing your own pleated bag as a unique and sustainable Christmas gift for yourself or your loved ones. Photo: GINLEE Studio.

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Eden + Elie – Handcrafted Jewelry with Humanitarian Value.

The artistic space at Eden + Elie is a place where vibrant jewelry pieces are displayed, each holding hidden stories and meanings. Not only do they inspire, but they also have a positive impact on society. Founded by Stephanie Choo and Leon Toh, the store aims to support individuals with autism in developing their skills in jewelry making.

In line with the local culture, the brand mainly features intricately designed bracelets and necklaces with patterns and colors inspired by Singapore’s Peranakan heritage. According to Stephanie, it is the meticulous and time-consuming traditional hand embroidery that adds value to the jewelry pieces at Eden + Elie.

The store also regularly hosts workshops on how to make bracelets and necklaces using embroidery techniques. You can even design your own special gift for your loved ones during your visit to Singapore. Located at 20 Lengkok Bahru, #01-08, the store is open from 10:30am to 5:30pm every day of the week. Photo credit: Zerrin, The Purpose Agenda.

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Guerlain’s luxurious Christmas edition of the world.

In addition to the local handmade items, Guerlain’s unique creations for this year’s Christmas season are also a great option for luxurious and valuable gifts for your loved ones. The Guerlain Christmas pop-up café is a special event organized in collaboration with ION Orchard shopping center. Visitors can come and experience it at 2 Orchard Turn, from 10am to 10pm daily until December 17th.

Here, you can find limited edition Christmas makeup sets. There are also exclusive designs created in partnership with Turkish artist Begüm Khan, blending traditional culture with modern elegance. Photo: Daily Vanity

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Shopping becomes even more exciting with the presence of Singapore’s famous dessert brand Nesuto, offering an exclusive dessert menu. You can indulge in a variety of treats such as Aged Narcissus Tea Entremet, Apricot Walnut Entremet, Chocolate Entremet, Bonbons, and Peach Gâteau De Voyage.

With these options, visitors can easily plan their itinerary to explore the culture and heritage of the island, while enjoying the festive atmosphere of Christmas and still have enough gifts to bring back for friends and loved ones. Photo: Hungry go where..