On Saturday, a 4.1-magnitude earthquake struck the Oklahoma City area, one of many to occur in Oklahoma.

A powerful 4.1-magnitude earthquake jolted central Oklahoma in the early hours of Saturday, following a slightly stronger quake the night before and a series of smaller tremors.

The seismic activity was centered around the Northeast Edmond Gas and Oil Field, about 19 miles north of Oklahoma City, and had a depth of approximately 4.1 miles. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, this quake was part of a cluster of several earthquakes that occurred on Friday and Saturday.

Residents took to social media to share their experiences of feeling the tremors, as reported by The Oklahoman, a member of the USA TODAY Network.

In response to the earthquake, the Oklahoma Geological Survey released a statement advising people to secure any valuable items that could be shaken during potential aftershocks, and to follow the safety protocol of Drop, Cover, and Hold On.

Friday night’s 4.4-magnitude quake, with its epicenter just one mile away from the Saturday morning quake, was followed by a 2.7-magnitude tremor recorded by the USGS on Saturday morning.

However, the USGS later revised the magnitude of the Saturday morning quake down to 4.1 from an initial estimate of 4.4.