Turkey, known as Türkiye in the local language, is a country with a rich and diverse history. Positioned as a great crossroads between Europe and the Middle East, it serves as a buffer zone between two distinct worlds and their respective histories.

In this article, we will explore how to travel in Turkey and visit all the must-see destinations.

Istanbul is considered one of the major cities in the world, thanks to its ancient and rich history, as well as its modernity. You can easily walk to most places and it is very safe.

However, the city is too big to see everything on foot. So, how do you travel in Turkey to reach the more remote districts?…

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Taxi is a mode of transportation that involves hiring a vehicle and driver to take you to your desired destination.

Taxis are readily available everywhere and operate just like in any major city, providing a comfortable way to get around in Turkey. Just make sure you know enough of their language to communicate and use your own calculation methods to avoid being overcharged.

This is a common strategy that drivers can use to earn extra money from tourists.

Subway train.

The underground train systems in cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, and Bursa, among others, continue to thrive. With their fixed routes, there is no risk of getting lost or being taken on a roundabout journey by a taxi driver.

In Istanbul, be sure to purchase an Istanbulkart, a convenient card that can be used for all forms of public transportation.


It may not be the wisest decision to use a bicycle in a crowded city or on busy roads. Turkey is a country that prioritizes cars and the roads are not easily shared.

However, cycling to natural landmarks is a fantastic way to get around and admire the breathtaking natural sites such as the Hittite Trail near Ankara.

Bus and Dolmuş.

There are various options for bus transportation all over Turkey. Standard city buses require pre-paid tickets and follow a set schedule. They come in the form of tokens or smart cards that serve as your ticket. These can be purchased or exchanged at bus stops and other designated locations.

Inter-town shuttle services are also available to transport people from smaller towns and rural areas to the city on a regular basis. These are smaller buses with irregular schedules.

However, there is a unique and iconic way to get around in Turkey, a combination of taxi and bus known as Dolmuş. The term literally means “stuffed” and essentially refers to a small bus or minivan with individual routes.

You can hop off at any point along the route. They even have separate stops and schedules compared to other modes of transportation. The best part about Dolmuş? It’s cheaper and more flexible than regular buses.

Car rental.

It’s surprising to know that Turkey takes pride in its well-maintained road infrastructure, making it an ideal destination for travelers who enjoy the freedom of driving. Renting a car in Turkey is a straightforward process.

To rent a car, you typically need to be at least 21 years old and hold a valid driver’s license for at least 1 year. You can choose to rent from a tour company or a local provider, which may offer more budget-friendly options.

However, for a safe and hassle-free experience, it’s advisable to book your car in advance through reputable companies like Rentalcars. The rental prices can go up to $75 per day.

Long distance bus.

Long-distance buses are a popular and efficient mode of transportation throughout Turkey. These buses are often luxurious, equipped with air conditioning, onboard bathrooms, local TV channels, and Wi-Fi.

The routes can cover significant distances, up to 10 hours or more, connecting major cities in Turkey. Standard buses are available at an affordable price, around $2.50 for a long journey of 280 miles. Premium services with additional amenities may cost around $3.50.


Although trains may not be the most powerful mode of transportation in Turkey, there are still options available. High-speed rail between major cities has been implemented, but maintenance remains a concerning issue. If you plan on taking the train, it is advisable to make reservations in advance and choose a reliable departure point.


With its geographical location as a peninsula surrounded by the sea, Turkey offers a unique way of transportation – by boat. Not only is it a scenic option, but it can also be faster at times. Ferries operate from Istanbul, crossing the Marmara Sea and taking tourists to popular destinations like Yalova, known for its natural hot springs.

Moreover, ferry routes connect famous vacation spots such as Bodrum and Datca in the southwest. So why not hop on a ferry and enjoy the beautiful views while traveling to your desired destination?