SINGAPORE – Whether you’re a speed enthusiast or not, travelers can immerse themselves in the lively and vibrant atmosphere that envelops the entire nation during Grand Prix Season 2023.

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In contrast to its modern, bustling daytime appearance, Singapore by night transforms into a vibrant entertainment hub with a variety of nightlife activities catering to tourists.
During the Grand Prix Season Singapore 2023, which runs from September 8th to 17th, the island nation continuously offers nighttime events and entertainment activities. This is an opportunity for visitors to admire the vibrant beauty of the country during the 10 “sleepless” nights.
Not limited to the four central areas of Orchard Road, Clarke Quay, Kampong Gelam, and Sentosa, GPSS offers a diverse range of programs and activities designed under the theme of “Festival Race” across the nation. Photo: TIH

“A Shopper’s Paradise”

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For shopping enthusiasts, Orchard Road, often referred to as the “shopping paradise,” is a must-visit destination with hundreds of international and local brands, ranging from mid-range to luxury. During GPSS 2023, Orchard Road also gets a fresh makeover in line with the “Festival Race” theme.
Visitors can explore local souvenirs at Orchard Pit Shops: GPSS Lifestyle Bazaar or collect limited-edition products at Design Orchard. Additionally, there are other activities such as enjoying music, art installations, or striking a pose under the dazzling lights. Photo: Strait Times

The Vibrant World of Music and Art at Night

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The Music Matters Live music festival at Clarke Quay, featuring local and international artists, promises to attract thousands of visitors to immerse themselves in the lively rhythms. The program takes place from evening till late at night, meeting the nighttime entertainment needs of tourists.
Furthermore, the Clarke Quay area offers fitness and sports activities for music enthusiasts. If you want to try gym workouts with dance exercises set to contemporary music, you can join professional fitness instructors from Le Mills. Photo: TIH

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Kampong Gelam’s Arab Street is also a favorite destination for romantic souls during GPSS 2023. Not only are there late-night eateries, but visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy culturally rich performances in the Culturally Singapore program. Or you can immerse yourself in lively dances at Haji Lane Blockbuster’s two music spaces. Photo: TIH

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The “New Life of the Floodlights” art project is an ideal stop for art lovers in the evening. The vibrant upcycled art exhibition, created by Nadia Stefanel and 10 other Singaporean artists, is held at The Arts House on 01 Old Parliament Ln. These artists have breathed new life into the high-pressure metal-halide lamps that once illuminated the F1 racetrack. The exhibition runs from September 13th to 19th, welcoming all art enthusiasts to the island nation. Photo: DZ Engineering

Exploring Singaporean Cuisine at Night

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In addition to upscale fine-dining restaurants, if you want to experience street food while sitting on plastic chairs under the cool, riverside canopies of Clarke Quay, this is the ideal opportunity.
Alternatively, you can enjoy street food at GPSS Food Park or Hot-Pit Stop: Grill & BBQ in Kampong Gelam after a long day of exploring the nation. Photo: TIH

Entertainment Hub for Families by the Seashore

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For those who enjoy the lively atmosphere of night markets, Sentosa is an ideal destination for families. Siloso Beachwalk Bazaar during GPSS 2023 will be themed around racing, giving it a youthful and dynamic look. Alongside the natural beach and the extended stretch of sand, you can enjoy energetic music, diverse food stalls, and unique souvenir shops. Photo: Mount Faber Leisure Group

Lively Nighttime Parties

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The nighttime itinerary for GPSS visitors also includes lively parties across the city. For example, the popular Street Beats street music event at the Singapore River Festival.
This marks the second return of the riverside festival after its successful debut in 2019. Throughout the festival, three port areas, Clarke, Boat, and Robertson, will be illuminated with dazzling lights, live music performances, health activities, and exciting food tasting spots.
The festival runs until the end of September, with activities to illuminate the Cavenagh, Read, and Alkaff bridges. Photo: Timeout

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For those who enjoy extravagant parties and celebratory atmospheres, the Amber Lounge at 09 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk Temasek Reflections, featuring a lively music lineup, is the perfect destination. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet F1 drivers, celebrities, and renowned artists from around the world. Accompanying the GPSS 2023 celebration are Amber Lounge’s captivating entertainment performances, including circus-themed and musical theater shows. Photo: Amber Lounge

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Furthermore, the 1-Group’s trio of restaurants, namely 1-Altitude Coast, 1-Arden, and 1-Atico, are must-visit spots for party-loving travelers in a luxurious setting. Not only do all three venues offer stunning high-rise views, but they also serve F1-themed dishes, complemented by live music performances by world-famous DJs.
Whether you seek a lively, tranquil, or upscale destination, the Lion City can cater to your family’s needs. If you happen to be in Singapore, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the atmosphere of the Grand Prix Season Singapore 2023. Photo: Timeout